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2 x chris h. (x 5 each)

2 x chris h. (x 5 each)

C$250.00 Regular Price
C$200.00Sale Price
Excluding GST/HST |

Systemic Evolutions by Chris Handrahan. (5 New Copies)

Walking on Stones by Chris Handrahan (5 New Copies)

Delivery times vary. Will Ship ASAP.
This book bundle is for shipment within Canada. Books will ship direct from the distributor to you.

This book bundle is for shipment within Canada. For remote within Canada or out of Canada shipments, we will cover up to $20 in shipping costs. Please use the offline shipping methods and we will get back to you. Please specify if you prefer an alternate edition, though the price may change (expect up to 50% more for hardback editions).


**Current Offer: Free Shipping for Most Canadian Locations.

(See our shipping/ordering policies. Free shipping includes most locations within Canada. Up to a Maximum $20 CAD Discount Per Product Quantity (lot of 10 books).)**


Books are print-on-demand and shipped direct to you by us or the distributor.

We will provide status updates of orders by email.

For remote shipping locations, please email us for a detailed quote. We will offer a discount to shipping cost as determined by us specific to each order.


Orders may be processed through the Cart’s Checkout.

See Accepted Payment Methods in the bottom footer area of website.

For a detailed quote, the best option is to use the "Offline" payment option during checkout. This will create an order entry in our system. We will reply with a Quote or Invoice with payment options/instructions, order details, an accurate order price based on overall order size, requirements and shipping details, and the option to accept or decline.

Final Tax rates will be shown on the Quote based on Destination and Place of Supply rules.

See “Ordering Info” for details.

See “Shipping Info” for more details.

See "Return and Refund Policy" for details.


6(15.24) x 9(22.86)

ISBN: 979-8367486582
Format: Trade Paperback

Author: Chris Handrahan
Series: None
Pages: 218
Publisher: Independently Published (Stitched Ink Media through Amazon KDP)
Published: December 8, 2022


6(15.24) x 9(22.86)

ISBN: 979-8366697248
Format: Trade Paperback

Author: Chris Handrahan
Series: None
Pages: 196
Publisher: Independently Published (Stitched Ink Media through Amazon KDP)
Published: December 3, 2022


    For delivery outside Canada or Special Order, please submit an email to us with details. We will get back to you by email with a detailed quote including payment options and methods. Please detail the book names, quantity for each, location, shipping information, business name or other pertinent information specific to the quote request.

    We may need to contact or notify customers by methods collected through the customer's order entry in the Cart, such as email address, for such things as specific shipping information, order confirmations, updates, tracking, or as determined by order specifics.

    For customers with their own shipping methods and instructions, use code “ship by customer” as a redeem code to remove the shipping cost from the Cart total. If contact is required to discuss shipping, use code “contact on shipping” to redeem the shipping cost from the Cart total. In these cases, if required by the order and in agreement, an increase to the invoice may be required to fulfill the order transaction with agreed upon shipping costs.

    Some locations have high transit rates. If an order is deemed to be unfeasible due to shipping cost, we reserve the right to cancel the order as unfillable. If you know your location is remote, please use the offline payment option so we may offer a detailed quote with total cost.

    See “Shipping Info” for more details.



    Due to logistical practicalities and with valid considerations to common practices of distribution, we are unable to accept returns or make refunds on products (future considerations might apply, at our discretion) currently on order or already fulfilled. Refunds on orders can occur only if the order cannot be fully or reasonably fulfilled for unforeseen causes, at our discretion and by agreement with the customer.

    We cannot make refunds once an order has been processed and agreed by payment, including the shipping method to delivery, and the ordering process initiated at our end. We source and collect our books for shipment from Printers/Distributors (Amazon in Canada), or through Stitched Ink Media as an intermediate.

    We would like to hear from customers if issues arise: for quality improvement and future considerations.

    We strive to be fair and find a balance in our attentions to these processes if/when they arise.


    Cancellations to Order Requests

    We cannot guarantee order fulfillment, feasible shipping or product supply for each country, location, order quantity, or remote delivery, or due to any other unforeseen reasons deemed appropriate, based on each order’s requirements and judgement by us. We strive to do our best to accommodate customer orders and requests.

    If an order submission is estimated by us to be beyond our means or feasibility to fulfill or deliver, we reserve the right, at our discretion, to decline such order requests before order processing is initiated on our end.


    The Cart can process direct Credit/Debit Cards or Apple Pay as a payment method for shipments within Canada. Secure Checkout by Wix. (See Privacy Policy regarding Transaction Compliances and Information Collection/Storage.)

    If outside Canada, please use "Offline" Payment method during Cart Checkout. If the Order can be fulfilled, Online Cart payments can be processed later through an Invoice Pay Method redirecting back to the site.

    For remote deliveries, depending on many factors involved to ship and fulfill an order, additional shipping charges may have to be accepted through a separate invoice payment, if required (in rare instances) and notified by us.

    For a detailed quote, use the Cart Checkout’s “offline" payment option during checkout. This will enter the Order in our System. Once submitted from checkout, we will contact the customer with an Order Quote or Invoice for approval detailing our offered price, shipping cost, and payment options, including a  Payment Method with Options. Nothing is charged until order and shipping agreement is reached with the Quote/Order Accepted and the Invoice Paid. 

    To ease the shipping process, we provide the shipping for most orders, but once an order is physically shipped it is the customer's responsibility and we are not responsible beyond this point. We provide status updates for orders by email. We will assist customers beyond this point of shipment where we can, and we use reputable, reliable, and direct shipping methods so risks are minimalized. See our "return and refund" policy for details.

    Taxes will be calculated on the Quote based on Destination and Place of Supply rules.


    Use the Add Note field during the Cart checkout process for any questions, specific instructions or comments regarding the order. Mention here if you’d like to use Interac etransfer for payment method.

    For Special Order Requests, email us.

    Listed Bundle Prices (for books) are for order delivery within Canada, excluding shipping costs (separate line charge).

    One preference is for our customers to choose their own shipping methods, in which case we may provide local drop off service, if applicable to the order, to local depots.

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