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Website Building for Any Creativity

Updated: Sep 29, 2023

Constructive information regarding the use of website builders for creative endeavors and independent enterprises such as author-publishing.

Website Building for Any Creativity; Writer: Christopher Handrahan; Cover by The Author; January 13, 2023 (MST) - Published on Stitched Ink Media

Any thorough website builder should be scalable. It can be free and simple or complex with adding costs, depending on the expertise and potential of the user, developer or designer to translate the creative energy utilized through the web building tools of the software.

With a free version, you get a straightforward website the way you want it, personalized from a template or templated as a beginning. The free version permits trial or limited use of the software. In cases, changes in design can be done through changes to the template. A template is a starting point for a website requiring further customization and personalization reliant on requirements, expectations and skills.

The costs for beginning a website can be minimal as a launching point. There are often discounts to be found. Web hosting is a consideration, whether packaged or separate, to make a site go live, with a strong back-end infrastructure for uptime reliability and upward scalability something to look for in the details.

A user-dedicated website builder will have essential apps offered with free options so that small websites and businesses have what they need to get started without the additional costs. If your website, blog or business grows, the costed options should scale up with you in scope.

While offering many options to assist in the website’s design, UI and layout improvement, for desktop and mobile versions, there will be plenty of room, with the precise expertise, to be inventive, creative and front-end develop all by your own skills or by a professional as needed.

Web building can be as simple as drop-and-drag or as complex as the owner makes it. It can be efficient to start with a template, alter and create from there, or just start on page one, color one, and the first word or image you state as a beginning to something original.

A reliable website builder will continually improve with its users, developers and designers, with a regularly flowing creek of new features or improvements.

As with any website building, the end-result is as good as the software you use and the skills you must have to best use it.

Considerations for time and costs for maintaining a site once it is live are worthy and should be a factor in determining its complexity, customization and scale.

To find the Web Builder chosen by this author for his website, Stitched Ink Media, check the footer area for the detail.

Chris Handrahan, Jan 13, 2023 (MST)

I should note that at the time of writing this post, I have no association with any web builder company, other than one of a selection being the website builder chosen by me for the website, Stitched Ink Media.


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