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System in Nature and Human Reality

An essential read to finding what necessitates our world.

System in Nature and Human Reality; Writer: Chris Handrahan; First Published November 8, 2023 MST; Stitched Ink Media

An essential read to finding what necessitates our world.

Systemic Evolutions, System in Nature and Human Reality

Chapter Synopsis

1. Impending Change for Betterment

On evolution and its connectedness with the environment, including the coopetition of species and the convergent sharing of evolutionary traits within a dynamic yet regulated world based on preexisting forces limiting and enhancing the new arrival of rivals and opportunities.

2. Involved Interpretation

On living species, including humanity, and the perspectives and niche perceptions of environmental symbols uniquely arising through individuals within the subtleties of groups defined as species.

3. This Larger, Mostly Unobserved World

On the forces and particles of the universe in the context of the development of species emerging into niche realities shared by other species distinctively evolved and continually evolving.

4. Past Curled Inside the Present

On the influence and persuasion of past choices upon the present state of the world, especially in the context of humanity and its historical spectrum of differing cultures and beliefs once separated by vast distances now closed.

5. Stratagem Disguised as Rule and Experience

The influence of gameplaying and experimentation upon evolution, cultures and politics in the acceptance of life. The development of species in coopetition within a confined world organized by universal forces previously established and fixed.

6. Consequentially Derived Choices

The consequences of denial in the outcomes of cultures and species as the derivation of niche realities closed from other realities.

7. The Encouraging Deniability of Belief

On the persuasions of belief and deniability upon the willingness of agreement and the capacity to overlook a different obviousness.

8. Humanity was One Nonhumanity

On the confusions arising from human mentality and the limits of empathetic understanding when trying to comprehend other animal behaviors and the considerations of thought.

9. Survival of the Fittest

Discussing the unfit nature of surviving for fitness alone without an apt, active, and belonging environment to respond to that survival.

10. Spectrum of Depthless Enthusiasm

The spectrum of personality is explored against considerations of normalcy and the normalization and bias of choices influencing the lifelong process in individuating identity.

Stitched Ink Media is created and owned by Chris Handrahan. He is the author of two books, nonfiction and fiction, and a small eBook of short stories. He is a photographer and the web design/developer for this site. He is a graduate of the University of Victoria.


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