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System and Sightedness in Biodiversity

Updated: Sep 29, 2023

Once you start thinking its way, it becomes difficult not to see system in everything.

System and Sightedness in Biodiversity; Writer: Christopher Handrahan; January 20, 2023, MST; Stitched Ink Media.

Once you start thinking its way, it becomes difficult not to see system in everything. Even if dark, cold and quiet as an unobserved, unfelt imagining of an uncharged, distant pocket of reality occupying an abundance of magnified space, the system still exists in this extremely tranquil state of its entangled position. The extreme state exists too.

What exists in its simplest state exists complexly in advanced states of knotted being such as nature and other slow, localized realities of the universe.

These realities feast on equilibrium to further an existence combined in multiplicity as the best and only solution to its charging of space and time into a biodiverse network on a simple planet far from everywhere else. This everywhere else, observed as a vast system of layered systems, can merely be pondered through thinly observing or crudely measuring estimates of the relic excitedness of its past while distractedly preoccupied with competing survival techniques and niche allotments upon its planet as a perspective and branch it clings to for its observations to occur only rarely.

Initially and historically, this other reality is merely hinted while not fully believed substantial enough to call it a true reality. Instead, it becomes a reminding inspiration to its place, inventiveness and creativity through hard-fought biodiversity in the vast expression of its species, and of humanized glitter and honor through confiscation of its symbolic description as deserving of human beautification in the themes of its crafting designs, first upon stone, skin and wood, and as mimic the digital surfaces as consumptions of reality.

Finding the balance to complexly grow through its feast of equilibrium, the system of nature’s biodiversity fails when this equilibrium is overconsumed for the yield of success in the direction of an extreme state of tranquility.

Nature abhors and resists these short-sighted challenges to its equilibrium as favor to biodiversity as a better, highly predictable truth.

As a history, human reality is choiceless mimic to nature’s reality by its place, inventiveness, creativity and the compression of its localized space and time within a much broader system of existence heard as the whispers of the infinite.

Writer: Chris Handrahan, first published on Stitched Ink Media.


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