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On Creativity as Beginning

Updated: Sep 29, 2023

The beginning of creativity is an insightful uncertainty to consider.

On Creativity as Beginning; Writer: Christopher Handrahan; Cover Photography by The Author; December 30, 2022 (MST) (Published on Stitched Ink Media)

The beginning of creativity is an insightful uncertainty to consider. The urge to creativity is the urge to discover the not-yet-observed within a world it finds itself capable with its deft, toiling arts.

As an originator and force of inspiration, all creativity among humanity and its world belong to the universe and nature because of this deconstructive force for benefit as a long solution.

Creativity is a force for improvement through imitation and association, much as a genetically structured nature imitates its reality through enacting associations with an invented world of disputing answers, a challenge against the environments of scale and risk encouraging its insights contrary to a quieter denial. The environment is an ongoing exhibition of past visions of ingenuity presented for future stimuli of encouragement.

Creativity is resistance to the entropic forces of the universe goaled with a project of equilibrium and counter-longing for the motionless past, with a reversal of time on the way to beginning as a creatively caging system of ending a universe and its benign creativity finally.

The beginning of humanity as an artistically crafting entity upon the landscape of originality, gifted with a generous environmental starting point and the inbred inventiveness of being a creatively universal product of localized, evolving imagination, is one initiated through awe of possibility for the surfaces of wood and rock, and the outlines of light fading from a former brightness.

Creativity is not an easy undertaking, itself tasked with the structuring of a backdrop for further creative actions. Creativity is the canvas itself, blank page or stone surface, with a prior expertise, having attained the extent of its creative reach, expecting further action from a future elsewhere, its unmarked, prone surface a work of the highest art.

A Recommended Book for this post, Postmodern Fables by Jean-François Lyotard.

Written by Chris Handrahan. To support this blog, consider buying the author's book of aphoristic-styled essays, Systemic Evolutions, or his novel, Walking on Stones, a time-meandering mystery in which Nature plays the supporting roles of atmospheric mysticism and protagonist’s muse.


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