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A Story about a Stone

A Story about a Stone; Writer: Chris Handrahan; First Published October, 17, 2023 MST; Stitched Ink Media

Walking on Stones

A Novel by Chris Handrahan

An interwoven story told between reality and unreality, linking the material and non-material amidst and behind the words.

The author wrote this mysterious story as a challenge for the reader and an imagination to reveal through the interpretations of its encounters.

The empathic answer to its mystery is there to find in the summation of smaller details and a deduced solution of a story within a story.

The novel's truer story is not found in the obvious of its narration.

It exists in the silence between a story told and another acting in coopetition.

Find the story.

The novel's subtitle "A Story about a Stone" is a literal, summated characterization, both materially and non-materially, of the novel in its entirety.

Stitched Ink Media is created and owned by Chris Handrahan. He is the author of two books, nonfiction and fiction, and a small eBook of short stories. He is a photographer and web design/developer. He is a graduate of the University of Victoria.


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