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Stitch Media

  • What do we do?
    At Stitched Ink Media (or Stitch Media), we design and create functional, appealing, interactive, locally and/or globally connected websites for clients using WiX Website Builder. We strive to create a fair, reasonable and timely transaction and experience satisfying to the client.
  • What is involved in website creation?
    Creating a website involves many features, such as design, color coordination, content management, SEO and search engine navigation, compatibility for mobile and desktop, privacy regulations, analytics, products and shops, and much more, so the price for services when creating a website fluctuates depending on the requirements and scale of the client’s website and needs. As a basic generality dependent on complexity, a website might take fifty to one hundred hours to become ready for going live, though this estimate is not fixed and is unique to each client’s needs. It could be less hours, or it might be more. Another project might be small in scope and require only a day or two to complete. Then, if required, there is training and support. Choices must be made along the way, such as WiX with Editor or the newer WiX with Studio, what analytics is best, and many others. For reference, the Stitched Ink Media website is created, designed and fully functional using WiX with Editor, a slightly simpler builder than the Studio Edition by WiX.
  • How do we quote and receive payments?
    Our rates, unless differently negotiated, are by the project scope estimated for the time we expect to apply for each client from start to finish. We can also quote a weekly rate with fixed hours. Unless otherwise included, post-project support, when required (i.e., changes or new products or services), is quoted separately. Invoicing is sent and due upon completion of set milestones or as set out in the terms of the order for services. These payments are generally due immediately or within seven days. Payments may be made through our site or as otherwise agreed beforehand and stipulated on the invoices.
  • What to expect as a project progression?
    A Basic Explanation. This may vary subject to the complexity of a client’s request for services. Before quoting, there is a simple form questionnaire we require filling by the client so we may offer a quote for the project. For later information gathering, once the project has been ordered, the client will fill out an in-depth questionnaire as guidelines for what is expected and required for the website project. When required, we will follow up with a designated contact for further information, details, approvals and progress/milestone reporting. The website is then designed with interaction and connectivity according to the requirements of the client. The website does not have to be live during this stage. It can be previewed or made available as a free, viewable site. Videos and images can be requested for originality, provided by the client or provided free through creative common licences. With Wix, shops, services, carts and payment methods are set up per the client’s needs, and invoicing procedures and notifications are determined. SEO is applied throughout the site, if required, and other client specific requirements such as search engine registry, analytics, privacy/regulatory compliance, and other features as needed. Finally, once the website is completed and tested, the site is transferred as ownership to the client, a WiX plan is picked and initiated, and the website can become live and active.
  • What are our books and the bookshop?
    We maintain an online bookshop, selling books created, authored and published by the site owner, Chris Handrahan. These books are primarily for distribution within Canada (and ordered through our Cart), but can be inquired for distribution elsewhere (not through our Cart) by initially requesting for a quote through our site's chat form.
  • Do we offer Book Creation/Publishing services?
    We offer our services, as requested and required, in the creation and production of books. Quotes can be initiated through our contact form. These services may include and are not limited to: website creation, cover design, consultation, social marketing, editing, and independent book publishing for the client to assume responsibility for upon completion. Ownership and copyrights stay with the client.
  • Do we sell or commission photography?
    While not the primary focus of our services, photography can be commissioned by a client. Photography can also be requested as wall art or decor. These services can be initiated through our contact form. We will get back to you for further details and a quote for ordering.
  • What are our payment methods and how are payments made?
    The payment methods we accept are listed in our footer section. Invoicing is done by email with a link for payments to be made through our website's cart. Alternate payment methods can be negotiated and arranged as needed.
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